Friday, July 12, 2013

Red Bull X-Alps 2013: Day 6

Monaco beckons! In less than a week since setting off from the Austrian city of Salzburg, Christian Maurer (SUI1), a 30-year-old athlete from Switzerland, is approaching the final leg to Monaco and could arrive as early as Sunday.
Predictions varied but according to the race committee, the Swiss flying maestro, barring any disasters, could reach the final turnpoint of Peille, which sits just above Monaco, as early as Sunday afternoon.
For the last week Maurer's flying display, which has seen him cover 800km in six days, has captivated the thousands of fans who are following the race on Live Tracking. His lightning progress has even stunned the paragliding community — not to mention his nearest competitors who have been left almost 200km behind him. And they include some of the world's top adventure flyers, including the current paragliding world champion.
"He's the perfect athlete", says Hannes Arch, race mastermind. "He has the perfect team, he's perfectly prepared and he makes no mistakes. That's what makes him fast".
Maurer has also enjoyed some pretty perfect weather conditions, including an easterly wind at the start and good thermals. On Friday July 12, the sixth day of the Red Bull X-Alps, Maurer had covered almost another 100km by late afternoon.
Meanwhile, the battle for second place remains as heated as ever with Britain's Jon Chambers (GBR) duking it out against Frenchmen Clement Latour (FRA1) and Antoine Girard (FRA2). Not far behind lay Martin Muller (SUI2), the Swiss clockmaker.
In a bid to move up the rankings Aaron Durogati (ITA1) pulled a Night Pass on Friday. He fell back after making a bad move Thursday and is hoping to be able to claw back some ground overnight.

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