Sunday, July 14, 2013

Maurer Wins Red Bull X-Alps 2013

Today at Christian Maurer arrived at Peille to complete the Red Bull X-Alps at 11:10 CET. He was then joined on his fly-down by his supporter, Thomas Theurillat.
Christian 'Chrigel' Maurer set a new record after racing from Salzburg to Monaco in an extraordinary 6 days 23 hours and 40 minutes to win the 2013 Red Bull X-Alps.
It's a hat-trick for the Swiss flying ace, who also won in 2011 and 2009. The record time — it takes over two days off the record he set in 2009 — is all the most extraordinary since the 2013 route is the longest in the 10-year history of the Red Bull X-Alps.
"It's the most amazing achievement", says race mastermind Hannes Arch. "To finish in seven days is something I never would have expected. He's just the most amazing athlete in the world. He makes no mistakes — that's his secret".
Maurer lay just 20km short of Monaco on Saturday night. Sunday morning he was able to hike to the last Turnpoint at Peille, which he reached at 11:10 local time. Although the clock stops there, tradition dictates that the race is not over until athletes make the landing float in the sea, which Maurer reached at 12:53.
Maurer has raced almost 50% faster than his nearest rival. Clement Latour (FRA1) is currently 260 km from goal. He leads a hungry pack of chasing athletes, all keen to reach Monaco before the race closes on Friday.
"Watching Maurer fly has been sublime", as one follower puts it.
Maurer has shown he is untouchable, winning the Red Bull X-Alps by a bigger margin each successive time. But let’s not make the mistake of attributing his success to his talent alone. It’s been the small details, the planning, the equipment development, the training, the check-lists, that have contributed to his victory.
And as Theurillat told me, "we are still learning, we have a list of things we want to change for 2015".
Meanwhile a huge adventure race continues with the battle for second place.

Red Bull X-Alps 2013 Winner Profile: Christian Maurer

Name: Christian ("Chrigel") Maurer
Nationality: Switzerland
Date of birth: 07/27/1982
City: Interlaken
Country: Switzerland
Profession: R&D Advance
Glider: Advance Omega
Helmet: CAMP climbing helmet
Harness: Advance Lightness
Sponsors: Advance, Lowa, Biotech, Jugendheim Sternen, Bächli Bergsport, Jungfrau-Tächi Grindelwald, Gloryfy, X-Bionic, X-Socks, Leki, Haglöfs.

Assistant: Thomas Theurillat
Nationality: Switzerland
Date of birth: 09/08/1977
City: Interlaken
Country: Switzerland

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