Monday, June 24, 2013

Red Bull X-Alps 2013. Two Weeks To Go!

In just two weeks, July 7th, a new edition of the Red Bull X-Alps kicks off in Salzburg. The 2013 edition comes on the ten-year anniversary of the first Red Bull X-Alps.
Red Bull X-Alps is an adventure and paragliding competition for 32 selected internacional athletes from 21 different nations. The challenge is to cross the Alps from East to West and finish in Monaco as quickly as possible traveling only by paragliders or by foot. The route is almost 200km longer than in 2011, and will see athletes battling across some of the most challenging and inhospitable terrain in the Alps.
From Venezuela to Japan, from South Africa to Nepal, the world's top adventurers and paragliders have been training hard to ensure they are ready for the ultimate challenge of their lives.
It's a race like no other. Tactics, equipment and bodies have all been finely tuned over the preceeding months to ensure optimum performance. But what happens after the start gun fires is anybody's guess as athletes have to battle not just their own limits of endurance but the unpredictability of mother nature.
Race director Christoph Weber comments: "Setting the route was inspiring — we thought about exciting landscapes, wild nature, good cross-country places and famous paragliding sites. We wanted an epic route".
For the legion of fans, this promises one thing — a gripping and spectacular race to follow. Thanks to the latest advances in GPS technology, Red Bull Mobile Live Tracking lets fans and supporters follow the race as it unfolds on their smartphone and tablet as well as their desktop ensuring they never miss a moment of the drama. Live weather information, powered by, 3D maps, real-time updates and stats also add an exciting dimension.

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