Thursday, June 6, 2013

IOC Opened the bidding processes for the 2022 Olympic Winter Games in 2022 and the 2020 Winter Youth Olympic Games

Today, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) officially launched the bidding process for the XXIV Olympic Winter Games in 2022 and the 3rd Winter Youth Olympic Games in 2020.
The bidding process for the 2022 Olympic Winter Games will feature two phases – the candidature acceptance procedure and the candidature procedure – and conclude with the election of the 2022 host city during the 127th IOC Session, to be held in Kuala Lumpur on 31 July 2015.
Each National Olympic Committee (NOC) can nominate one city to enter the bidding process by the deadline of 14 November 2013.
Phase I involves a thorough review by the IOC of each city’s potential to organise the 2022 Olympic Winter Games. Cities will be asked to reply to a questionnaire, and their answers will be studied by the IOC to help the IOC Executive Board select the cities that will move on to Phase II as Candidate Cities.
Deadline for NOCs to submit the name of an Applicant City: 14 November 2013
Applicant City Seminar:  Lausanne 4-6 December 2013
Olympic Winter Games Observer Programme: Sochi 2014 7-23 February 2014
Submission of the Application File: 14 March 2014
Selection of Candidate Cities by the IOC Executive Board: July 2014 (To Be Confirmed)

In Phase II, Candidate Cities will be requested to detail their Olympic projects in their Candidature File and prepare for the visit of the IOC Evaluation Commission. The Evaluation Commission will make a detailed technical risk assessment of each candidature and publish a report in time for the Candidate City Briefing to IOC Members.

Submission of Candidature File & Guarantees: January 2015
IOC Evaluation Commission visits: February – March 2015
Evaluation Commission report / Candidate City Briefing to IOC Members: May - June 2015
Election of the 2022 Host City by the IOC Session: Kuala Lumpur 31 July 2015

A proposed bid from St Moritz and Davos has already had to be scrapped after the public in Switzerland voted against it in March.
A referendum is due be held on November 10 to let the public decide whether Munich should bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics. Referendums will also be held in Garmisch-Partenkirchen and the counties of Berchtesgaden and Traunstein, where some events would take place.
Munich bid for the 2018 Games, coming second to PyeongChang, South Korea on a single ballot. The German city previously hosted the Summer Games in 1972, and if successful would be the first city to host both the Summer and Winter versions of the Games.
There is a referendum scheduled for September 9 to decide whether Oslo should bid with experts claiming that the decision is on a knives edge.
Ukraine look certain to bid while Poland and Slovakia are discussing a joint proposal which, while within the rules of the Olympic Charter, is unliekly to be granted very enthusiastically by the IOC.

The bidding process for the 3rd edition of the Winter Youth Olympic Games in 2020 will conclude with the election of the host city in May or June 2015.
Each NOC can nominate one city to enter the bidding process by the deadline of 28 November 2013.

NOCs to inform IOC of name of a YOG Candidate City: 28 November 2013
Signature of YOG Candidature Procedure: 12 December 2013
IOC Workshop for 2020 YOG Candidate Cities: Lausanne 15-16 January 2014 (To Be Confirmed)
Submission of YOG Candidature File and other documents: 17 June 2014
Nanjing 2014 Observer Programme: 16-28 August 2014
Shortlist of Candidate Cities by IOC Executive Board: 2-3 December 2014
Video conferences between Candidate Cities and Evaluation Commission: February/March 2015
Election of the host city: May-June 2015

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