Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Beaver Mountain (Utah): A Family Affair

The Twenty-First Century ski industry is a highly developed form of tourism. During the 1990s publicly traded corporations took control over the most popular ski resorts in North America.
Only a handful of ski resorts are still family-owned and family-managed.
Beaver Mountain in Northern Utah is America's longest family owned and operated resort.  From 1939 to present, the Seeholzer family tell their ski tale. There were no rules in the old days, as a dairy delivery truck powered the first lift.
Thanks to Harold and Luella Seeholzer (and later their children), Beaver Mountain Ski Area has become a legend in family corporation and is one of the fine small ski areas in Utah.
Family owned, family operated, family oriented. Beaver Mountain knows families and promises to give you one of the best skiing experiences around...

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