Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Shapes in White. Snow Sculpture Competition in Ischgl

From 7 to 11 January 2013, 10 pairs of artists will be moving the Volkswagen studio to Ischgl. During the 20th snow sculpture competition "Forms in White", the snow artists will create some unit pieces at the heart of the ski resort, which will be left to melt away here. Whether the Beetle or the new Golf: in Ischgl, winter sports fans can explore a snow-white cross-section of Volkswagen history here.
While Volkswagen produces vehicles on its conveyor belt in Wolfsburg, unique new items will be created in Ischgl. At the heart of the ski resort, ten pairs of artists from across Europe will create oversized Volkswagen snow sculptures as part of the 20th snow sculpture competition "Forms in White". Everything will revolve around Volkswagen in white from 7 to 11 January 2013 in this Alpine lifestyle metropolis. As the internationally renowned snow artists carve and chisel the metre high snow sculptures for 5 days in a row, the Volkswagen family and its history will begin to take shape. Beneath the watchful and curios eyes of the jury and the skiers and snowboarders, the Silvretta Arena will be transformed into a powerful open-air gallery in just a few days. Thanks to the guaranteed snowfall, winter sports fans can admire these unique sculptures on the pistes at close hand until May 2013. After this time, the spring sunshine will arrive and melt them away.

Red hot Volkswagen from ice-cold snow
Before the Volkswagen generation made from tonnes of cold snow introduces itself, professional sculptors from across the world will send their designs to the Ischgl jury. The jury will then invite the 10 best entries to the final and to implement their creations. Unique BW sculptures will then be created from the snow over 5 days, based on the submitted sketches, and will remain at the heart of the Silvretta mountains until spring. And best of all: passionate car drivers and snow enthusiasts can follow the ‘production’ live in Ischgl and watch the artists at work as they bring their unique sculptures to life. The award ceremony for the impressive Volkswagen sculptures will take place on 11 January 2013.

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