Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Saas-Fee To Host Again The Ice Climbing World Cup

From 12 to 19 January 2013, Saas-Fee will once again play host to the Ice Climbing World Cup. This year the famous week-long iceclimbing event will be even more spectacular thanks to new climbing features. Audiences will also be able to witness the first-ever youth world championship. The evenings will be packed, too, as athletes and spectators get together for the already-legendary Ice Parties.
Athletes from around the world will compete on ice walls up to 30 metres in height, leaving spectators enthralled. This year the Saas Valley also has the honour of hosting the first youth world championships in the history of ice climbing. Held in Saas-Grund over two days, the event will showcase around 50 young athletes competing in "Speed" and "Lead" disciplines.
This year, the Ice Night ski-touring race (Swiss Cup) is open to both professional and amateur skiers. So whether you’re an elite athlete, or an upand-coming talent, or ski just for fun, you are very welcome to take part. The race starts on the Saas-Fee village square, where spectators can enjoy raclette and wine while they wait for the competitors to return to the finish line.
It is not only participants that will enjoy the Ice Climbing World Cup & Swiss Masters event; spectators are also guaranteed to get their money’s worth. The new climbing features make for more difficult, even more spectacular routes that will really put competitors to the test. So that the event is a treat for the palate as well as the eyes, various food stalls will be offering Valais specialities, and the Vins de Chevaliers wine cellar from Salgesch will be hosting a tasting at the wine bar. And there’s no need to worry that you might get chilly. At the World Cup Ice Parties, the electric atmosphere during the live climbing demonstrations is sure to keep anyone warm!
This action-packed event will keep you energised all week long. With competitions from morning till night and wild parties until dawn, it probably won’t even occur to you to hit the sack.
Program 2013
  •  12.01. UIAA Ice Climbing Youth Woldcup & Swissmasters, Saas-Grund
  • 13.01. UIAA Ice Climbing Youth Woldcup & Swissmasters, Saas-Grund
  • 16.01. SAC Ice Night Ski-Touring Race (Swisscup), Saas-Fee
  • 18.01. UIAA Ice Climbing Worldcup & Swissmasters, Saas-Fee
  • 19.01. UIAA Ice Climbing Worldcup & Swissmasters, Saas-Fee
  • 18. & 19.01. World Cup Ice Parties
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