Saturday, September 22, 2012

Pitztal & IDE All Weather Snowmaker Launching Event

Next Monday Pitztal will host the launching event of the IDE All Weather Snowmaker. The Pitztal Glacier sparkles with a technical novelty, setting a new benchmark for a future-proof and environmentally-friendly use of the highest glacier ski area in Austria. The IDE All Weather Snowmaker –an innovation from Israel – makes it possible for the first time to produce snow without having to depend on Temperature, Humidity, and Wind. With traditional snowmaking systems, the temperature has to be at least minus 6 degrees Celsius and the humidity no more than 60 percent. The wind is also important if snow canons and lances are to be used economically. With the IDE Snowmaker, these factors don't come into the equation.
The Snowmaker will be used alongside the existing snowmaking equipment with canons and lances, in particular at the start of the season in autumn and in late spring.
The "Snowmaker system" can produce approximately 950 cubic metres of snow in 24 hours and is highly energy-efficient. The electrical load for the system is similar to a mid-sized chair lift, the electrical power consumption is approximately 500 KW, exactly the same as 6 standard snow cannons.
IDE Technology is one of the world leaders in design and construction of seawater desalination, water treatment and ice and snow plants. Since 1965 the company installed about 400 plants in over 40 countries world wide. IDE welcomes the Pitztal Glacier as a bold investor who has recognized the future prospects of the IDE All Weather Snowmaker at an early stage.


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