Wednesday, August 8, 2012

AccuWeather Forecasts Good Start for Ski Season

The return of chilly air and early season snow is expected in the Rockies for Fall 2012.
While cold air may be delayed in arriving across areas farther east in the nation, cold shots will not have a problem reaching the Rockies. This is the first area that may be at risk for early frosts and freezes.
"I think there will be some early cold outbreaks out over the central and northern Rockies, especially. I think that where the season-winter season-actually is going to start much quicker", said Paul Pastelok, expert senior meteorologist with AccuWeather.
Temperatures are expected to average 1-2 degrees below normal for the northern Rockies this fall.
The central and southern Rockies, spanning the Four Corners region, may be a hot spot for snow by the middle of the season.
The mountains in Utah, Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico may start to get snowfall during October.
"As far as early snowfall goes, I think places in the Four Corner region will be the places to watch. The jet stream will be increasing across that area. And I think they will start to see some snow falling by as early as early- to mid-October", Pastelok said.
A possible early kick start to the ski season in the Rockies is great news for both ski enthusiasts and the ski industry.
The Northeast, which got hit by a nasty Halloween snowstorm last year, will have a slower return of chilly air. Early season snow is not likely for the I-95 cities, because it may take a while for cold air to sync up with huge storms.
It will start out wet during the early and middle of the fall in the Northwest.
"I think it will start out wetter, but get drier in the late fall season, which could set up for a fairly dry or at least below-normal winter season across areas like Seattle and Spokane", Pastelok added.
Wet weather will shift farther south across much of California during the middle to latter part of the season. A wet late-fall is in store for San Francisco.
Increased snowfall expected in the Sierra is good news for California water supply, following a significant snow drought last winter.
AccuWeather, established in 1962, is a weather service with headquarters in State College, Pa. They provide local forecasts for everywhere in the United States and over two million locations worldwide. They also provide weather products and services to more than 175,000 paying customers in media, business, government and institutions.

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