Friday, June 15, 2012

Freestyle Summer Camps in Saas-Fee

The created by ESKIMOS and Quiksilver/Roxy will take place this summer for the 3rd time. The Free skier and Snowboarders will rock the park on the Allalin Glacier for 2 weeks from 15-22 July and 22-29 July, together with the Quiksilver Pro’s, Christian Bieri, Tanja Frieden, Andreas Burri, Sergio Berger and the ESKIMOS Coaches.
Don’t we all want to follow our passion and develop ourselves? Jibbing, Big air style, to slide on endless rails, have fun together, learn new things, stay in shape and in the meantime be outside in the sun and get a nice tan. makes it all possible
The camp will take place for the third time this summer on the glacier in Saas-Fee, where many Pros visit the park all year round. The participants will spend the entire day with the coaches and aside from the Freestyle training, they will spend their time playing soccer, basketball, skating, jumping on a trampoline, climbing, swimming and most of all have a great time together
The riders from 9 years old and older will have the amazing opportunity to learn new tricks from the Quiksilver pro Coaches. The Freeski riders will be coached this year by Christian Bieri und Andreas Burri. For the snowboarders, the coaches will be the Olympic winner Tanja Frieden and Sergio Berger. Furthermore they will work on improving their technique with the professional ESKIMOS Coaches, who have over 10 years of experience in snow sports and giving training.
It makes no difference whether the Riders have just begun with Free skiing or Snowboarding or that they already can make a double Flip or Mute grabs 360 without any trouble. with their coaches will improve the ability and technique of every rider-no matter the level.
On top of all this, the riders at the have the change to become a Pro Rider! The main sponsors Quicksilver and Roxy are always on the look for new talents – Maybe you could be next?!

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Golfing Like a Pleasure said...

Such an enjoyable event! Thanks for those people who made it possible.