Sunday, December 11, 2011

Share comments and ski photos with Skiinfo iPhone App

A new version of the "Skiinfo Snow Report" was released for iPhone, and it is now possible to both take and share your photos which can then be displayed on Skiinfo ​​and Facebook. Same goes with comments. If you are on the slopes, you can share your comments in the largest ski community in Europe to help fellow skiers find the best conditions.
When you are among the trees in deep powder above your knees, you may like to share your spot and powder snow with the whole world, but perhaps only to the 10 million Skiinfo users in Europe, or just to your best 500 friends on Facebook? Anyway, there might be times where you like to share your skiing or snowboarding experience with other, to tell its great, or take a picture and tell its not like you expected. You can either log a ski day and explain the conditions by a short comment, or you can upload a photo that says it all.
Through the new Skiinfo app for iPhone you are able to share, and at the same time let others know about true snow conditions in the various ski resorts in the world.It is valuable for other users to read about fresh snow, and for many of us it is pure porn to see fresh photos of powder skiing. Skiinfo is ​​focusing more and more on direct updates from the users for the users, so it is possible to give fellow skiers to choose “Should I stay or should I go” with the right expectations in mind. Using Skiinfo app before you go skiing:

  • Check weather conditions in the 1600 ski resorts in Europe

  • See updated webcamsCheck out the snow report

  • See 3 day snowforecast and weatherforecast.


Additional information from other users:

  • See new images taken by the last visitor

  • Read users' recent comments about the snow conditions

How to use the app while you are skiing:

  • From the cabin or hotel room you can check webcams and see if there is foggy / sunny on top of the mountains.

  • See trail maps and weather

  • Take a picture and share on Skiinfo ​​and Facebook

  • Logg your ski day

  • Write a comment in the app and guide fellow skiers where to go

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