Saturday, September 3, 2011

Swatch Skiers Cup Trophy in Valle Nevado

The first-ever SWATCH SKIERS CUP is juiced-up and ready to rumble with 16 of the world’s top Freeskiers amped for head-to-head duels in a gentlemen’s team battle unfolding over the steeps of the Chilean Andes. From 5-12 September, these hand-picked Riders will compete on both Big Mountain and Backcountry Slopestyle courses designed to showcase which team deserves this year’s SWATCH SKIERS CUP Trophy.
The SWATCH SKIERS CUP will take place in South Americas largest resort, Valle Nevado, with Captains’ draw, prize giving and fiesta all situated in Santiago’s premiere W Hotel. Over two meters of snowpack now blanket the mountain base and these 16 Riders will push their limits from the Big Mountain start at around 4000m to the features of the Backcountry Slopestyle course designed and built by legendary Scandinavian shaper, David Ny.
Concept/Format: In an effort to inject team spirit into freeskiing, pros Kaj Zackrison and Sverre Liliequist created the concept of an intercontinental team freeski event, mixing freeriding with powerful features-based backcountry freestyle. Over two days of competition, Captains Kaj and Mark will send their men into the fray for a series of man-to-man battles on both courses. "The judging will be on overall impression and only compared to the opponent in each match", Kaj said.

  • Riders go head-to-head in a series of heats with one point awarded per heat.

  • 2 rounds of 8 heats per discipline meaning a total of 4 rounds and 32 points available over the 2 days of competition.

  • Every rider must take part in the 4 rounds.

  • A draw takes place to decide which team captain chooses a rider for the first heat.

  • The opposing team captain then tactically decides which of his riders will go head-to-head.

  • The other team then decides (strategy) which opponent they will propose.

  • For the second heat, the draw and choice of riders is switched.

  • There will be two rounds of eight heats per day (total of 32 points available over the two days of competition).

  • Every rider must take part in each round.

  • The team with the most points keeps the cup for a year.

Judging: A panel of 3 seasoned freeski judges will dole out the team points: Ben Murphy (Europe) / Ted Martin (Americas) / Julien Reignier (Neutral).
Team AMERICAS: Mark Abma (CAN-Captain); Dana Flahr (CAN); James Heim (CAN); Chopo Diaz (CHILE); Oakley White-Allen (USA); Rory Bushfield (CAN); Dylan Hood (USA); Josh Bibby (CAN); Matt Margetts (CAN). Mark Abma will remain coach for Team Americas but will not compete due to knee injury.
Team EUROPE: Kaj Zackrisson (SWE-Captain); Sverre Liliequist (SWE); Seb Michaud (FRA); Markus Eder (ITA); Henrik Winstedt (SWE); Richard Permin (FRA); Chris Booth (AUS); Nicolas Vuignier (SUI).

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