Sunday, September 18, 2011

International Tourism Symposium (Zermatt)

The 13th International Tourism Symposium (ITS) starts tomorrow in the Grand Hotel Zermatterhof in Zermatt. Experts and Companies from all over the world will be reunited around the theme: The Real Issues of Tourism. Customer - Social media - Innovation.
A unique opportunity to exchange experiences at the highest level on these issues and to globalize your network with 200 selected participants from more than 150 companies and 20 countries from Europe, North America and Asia.
In our economy where industrial activities are continuing to globalise, our Industry faces a turning point, as we enter a period that some experts describe as "Marketplace chaos". In this context, Tourism has an important role to play but its development will depend on our ability to attract the millions of emerging tourists and to maintain loyalty of the traditional customers.
The overarching strength of ITS is its determination to anticipate and plan for those challenges. The 2011 Program is designed to tackle the most relevant issues, challenges and opportunities, focusing on recent successes. The top "Movers and Shakers", high-caliber speakers leading the most successful companies in the tourism industry, will demonstrate the requirement to build our future on solid fundamentals. We need both industrialised and innovative solutions, which not only address the problems, identified but do so in a sustainable manner.
This includes answering questions like the management of crises and cultural sensitivities, revenue optimisation with e-tourism, the requirement to redesign the nature of Mountain, risk and safety management and the future profile of Winter Olympic Games organisors.
To succeed in this period of economic depression, a new vision needs to be realized, one which addresses the dramatic unemployment numbers, the increasing number of people living under the poverty line and our irreversable impact on the envrionment.
The Symposium Association was created in 1988 with the aim of developing a platform for strategic consideration and discussions at the highest level for key players in the tourism industry. In order to ensure that such activities continue with an international focus, in April 22, 2009, the ITS Foundation - International Tourism Symposium - was created.
The Foundation has now become the benchmark "business" event in the tourism industry for the mountain regions.
The success of the Symposium's annual meetings, alternating between Zermatt and Chamonix Mont-Blanc, is based on its international positioning and its business focus.

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