Friday, September 9, 2011

Goodbye Lifts, Hello Back Country

While the groomed runs of your local resort are great, finding some adventure off the beaten path can add an entirely new aspect to your skiing experience. Aren’t you sick of reading ‘tips up’ on every single chair-lift pickup? While heli-skiing is by no means cheaper than a day pass to your local mountain, it’s well worth the experience.
Beginning in the 60’s, Hans Gmoser is credited for starting heli-skiing in the Bugaboo Mountains of British Colombia. As a mountain guide and Canadian immigrant, Gmoser was able to use a helicopter to access otherwise impossible locations to ski. Since then, heli-skiing has become far more structured and safer. In fact, heli-skiing locations are constantly examined by guides to ensure your runs will be on the best snow.
Simply put, there is a reason that heli-skiing has become so popular in recent years. With new turbo-shaft helicopters and trained professionals, skiing remote locations has never been easier. New adventure tours are created every year, which makes it tough to find a heli-skiing service that caters to your specific needs.
However, FindTheBest recently created a heli-skiing comparison that’s actually really useful. There are several filters that allow skiers to narrow search results and find a perfect heli-skiing company that fits their skill level and trip length.
Stepping outside your comfort zone on the mountain can be incredibly dangerous. However, using the services of heli-skiing companies allows skiers to discover new terrain and develop new abilities. Making plans for the winter is always fun, so check out FindTheBest and weigh your options!

By Woody Robinson. Woody is a graduate of the University of California Santa Barbara and skis at Sugar Bowl Ski Resort in Lake Tahoe

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