Friday, August 19, 2011

St. Anton Mountain Bike Marathon

Tomorrow a new edition of the Mountain Bike Marathon will take place in the Tirolean holiday resort of St. Anton am Arlberg known worldwide in winter as a ski destination. Situated at 1,304 m above sea level St. Anton lies on the Rosanna River and belongs to the district of Landeck. St. Anton is a truly unique recreation paradise for the whole family. The cozy little town with 2,500 inhabitants has still maintained its genuine ambiance and charming atmosphere.
The Arlberger Mountain Bike Marathon is the third and final stage of the alpine triathlon "Arlberg Eagle". The overall winner must work on their physical fitness throughout the year to be ahead of the field in the ski race (Der Weisse Rausch celebrated in April 23rd), in the half marathon (July 23rd) and in the mountain-bike marathon (August 2oth). After the bike marathon, the heroes of the triathlon are duly celebrated on 22nd August and the coveted Adler trophy is awarded to those finishing at the front in all three disciplines in 2011.
The Arlberger Mountain Bike Marathon is the highlight and at the same time the end of the St. Antoner "Bike week". A pre marathon party and live music on Friday evening put the guests and participant in the mood for the demanding race.

Route: Starting from the pedestrian precinct the athletes move towards St. Jakob Untergand. From there they make the 1st ascent along the Putzenweg towards Putzenalpe. From the Alp, situated at 1726 m above sea level, the route leads west in the opposite direction to Schöngraben. The 2nd ascent towards Gampen begins at the Rodelhüttenweg turnoff. From Gampen along the Forstweg the route now descends towards St. Anton - Mooserkreuz. From Mooserkreuz the route leads downwards towards Verwall to the Maroiweg turnoff. From there it continues to the Verwall Lake. After cicuiting the Verwall Lake the route runs towards Sattelwaldweg. The Sattelwaldweg ends in Moostal, which is reached after a steep climb. The last descent now runs along the Moostal towards the finishing line in the pedestrian precinct, 41 km long, 1400 m difference in altitude.

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