Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Leitner builds the first 10-person gondola in Switzerland

With the successful market launch of the 10-person gondolas at the Kronplatz ski resort (Italy) and Kitzbühel (Austria), Leitner has underscored its outstanding competence in this type of installation. "Savognin Bergbahnen" will premiere its new facilities in Switzerland for the start of the 2012-13 winter season.
The time when mountains were only popular with hikers and skiers is long gone. Winter now attracts increasing numbers of tobogganers, children and owners of fun sports equipment in addition to the skiers and snowboarders, all of whom make full use of the cable cars. In summer it’s the mountain bikers, families with pushchairs and fun sports enthusiasts that need transporting. Bearing this in mind, it was important to have an appropriately efficient and versatile solution for a new lift. And so the decision was made to order the 10-person Leitner gondola. "The contract was awarded to Leitner ropeways simply because it fully covered all requirements and because it promised to be the first 10-person gondola in Switzerland", says Vendelin Coray from Savognin Bergbahn AG.
The new installation "Tigignas-Somtgant" will replace a 3-person chair lift (built in 1984) as well as a surface lift (built in 1962), and will perform a double function as a shuttle ropeway and skiers transportation system. In the first stage of construction, 2000 passengers per hour will be transported with 38 cabins; a flow rate of 2600 passengers per hour is planned at the final stage. The valley station for the 10-person gondola lies at 1600m; the mountain station at 2100 m. The limited space at the valley station and noise likely to be caused by the planned construction of a mountain restaurant on the roof of the mountain station garage also meant certain other requirements needed to be taken into account. The new 10-person gondola is able to meet all these specifications perfectly.

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