Friday, August 19, 2011

Adventure Film Festival Chamonix 2011

Starting today, Chamonix will host the third edition of the Adventure Film Festival. This years' festival takes place from 16th-24th August at the Centre de Congrès: Le Majestic, Chamonix Mont-Blanc. Dedicated to independent short films featuring adventure and an environmental conscientiousness, the theme is "Make Your Own Legends". Embracing the unknown, taking risks, making sacrifices, appreciating nature and the power of the human spirit, the Adventure Film Festival has found an ideal home in Chamonix – the birthplace of Alpinism, a winter sports mecca, and the international playground for extreme sport.
For this year organizers announced a new partnership with the Festival de Film De Sport de Nature. Together with the Les Houches tourist office and the Mont Blanc Ultra Trail Assocation, the final event of the Chamonix Adventure Film Festival will be at Lac des Chavants in Les Houches on 24th August, with a free outdoor film screening.
Also, organizers planned for this edition an Adventure Photography Course run by renowned photographers Corey Rich and Scott Willson.
With the European premiere of 'Cold' presented by Simone Moro (see below), top athletes Nico Favresse, Jon Bracey & Matt Helliker, Kilian Jornet, Krissy Moehl and others presenting their films, you can't afford to miss any of the action-packed programme.
From big wave surfing in bitter Scottish oceans to skateboarding in Kabul, Chamonix’s third annual Adventure Film Festival will showcase exceptional films borne out of the quest for adventure, inspiration and authenticityin the great outdoors.
This year’s movies pack a powerful punch of adrenalin and emotion; from the poetic beauty of Ashtray Films’ surf film by Mickey Smith, The Dark Side of the Lens, through to the Collective’s award winning mountain bike film Life Cycles. As ever the fragility of nature is also a central theme, this year highlighted in Century Films’ The Climate of Change.

Cold (2011)
European Premiere with special guest Simone Moro
Director: Anson Fogel
Cinematography: Cory Richards
Producers: Julie Kennedy & Forge Motion Pictures
Story Line: Over the past 26 years 16 expeditions have tried and failed to climb one of Pakistan's 8,000 metre peaks in winter. On February 2nd, 2011, Simone Moro, Denis Urubko, and Cory Richards, became the first to succeed. Cory is now the only American to summit any 8,000 metre peak in winter. The journey nearly killed them. Cory carried a small camera and filmed the ordeal constantly. This is their story, as seen from the raw, honest perspective of Cory's lense.

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