Saturday, March 19, 2011

Winter X Games Europe Tignes. Day 3

Jamie Anderson wins Winter X Games Slopestyle. Anderson's winning run include a super solid line through the jib section and what is now becoming her trademark trick: the switch backside 540. In the end, it's her style and consistency through the slope course that puts her at the top of the podium again and again. She just looks comfortable. It's a pleasure to watch. "The riding today was so great. The girls were all riding so good", said Anderson. "I was so stoked it really inspired me. I wanted to do some bigger runs but unfortunately I couldn't get my back 5 down, but I landed my mellower run first and it ended up scoring well, so I think maybe just having clean style all the way through is what worked for me today. I'm tired, I'm excited to go rest from contests for a little bit".

Chas Guldemond was the winner of the Snowboard Slopestyle. Guldemond's best run ended up earning him the highest score any slope rider in any X event has ever earned: a 99.33 for a backside 270 on the down rail to double back rodeo to cab 270 to back lip fakie to a cab double cork 12 and back double 10 over the last two kickers.

Canadian Sarah Burke wins Winter X Games Women's SuperPipe. On her last run, she stuck a cork 900 and an alley-oop flatspin 540, the latter of which was landed for the first time in a women's ski pipe contest. The run earned her a score of 95.33, the highest women's skiing SuperPipe score at an X event, and the gold medal -- her fifth gold at an X SuperPipe event, including her win at WX15 in Aspen.

Louie Vito was the winner of the last event at the Winter X Games Europe in Tignes.22,000 fans saw Vito threw a double crippler to Michalchuk to frontside double cork 1080 to cab double cork 1080 to frontside 1080, moving him into first place with a 93.00 score. Vito has included three doubles in his runs for a while now, but Friday night he boosted them just a little bit higher. "I've always had the technical tricks, but haven't had the amplitude", he said, "so I've been working on that. Last year I didn't go as big, and it showed in my score".

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