Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Winter Games New Zealand To Recruit Volunteers

With over 600 volunteers to recruit, 100% Pure New Zealand Winter Games has developed a new streamline volunteering system that will provide a valuable legacy for other New Zealand snow sports events by providing a resource of active and skilled volunteers that is easily adaptable to Snow Sports New Zealand's requirements.
The online system allows volunteers to manage their own registration. On signing up, they are issued with a user name and password that allows them to reaccess the system and update any details such as contact details, availability and preferred role. Once registered, through the new system volunteer manager, Anna Hiatt can allocated them a role, provide them with a detailed job description and, during the event itself, generate TXT updates that will ensure everyone knows where they need to be and when.
With volunteers playing an essential and hugely valuable role in all sports, Arthur Klap, Winter Games NZ CEO, said this new system would have signifcant knock-on benefits. "This is a hugely valuable tool that will allow us to build a database over the years, creating a pathway to more skilled volunteers, not only for the Games but also for Snow Sports New Zealand", he said. "It is also much more streamlined way of managing the system allowing for more efficient allocation and management of volunteers".

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