Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Leitner Acquires Snowmaking Company Lenko

Leitner Technologies has purchased 100% of the Swedish company Lenko including its Austrian, Italian, US and Canadian subsidiaries, which operates globally in the field of snowmaking facilities along with developing an active participation with the Südtirol snowmaking company Demac.
The Leitner group unifies ropeways, snow groomers, utility vehicles, urban transport systems and wind energy under one roof and has already been operating in the field of snowmaking facilities since the 1980s and 1990s. High level synergies and International locations characterize this company. The global orientation of Leitner Technologies and, thus, the opportunity to use International sites will represent a special future advantage for Demac and the Swedish company Lenko.
This new partnership provides the opportunity to have one supplier for the whole winter technology and to be able to meet customer and service requirements in a more efficient way.
The company Demac, which is based in Selva, was established by Roland Demetz over 20 years ago and offers a wide range of products and services pertaining to the field of technical snowmaking. The product range of Demac comprises lances as well as "fan type" snowguns, and Demac’s professional competence in the construction of snowmaking facilities was demonstrated at the latest with its designation as official supplier of the whole snowmaking equipment for the alpine world ski championships held in St. Moritz in 2003.
The traditional company Lenko was established in 1955 in Östersund (Sweden). In the late 1970s development of the snowmakers was started. The first model was brought on the market in 1983. Almost 10,000 snowmakers have been manufactured and delivered worldwide since then. Lenko is based in Östersund and has a network of branches in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Australia. Lenko has established itself on the global market thanks to its snowmakers and the complete solution for snowmaking facilities and is a leading manufacturer of snowguns. Lenko is for instance also the supplier of the world ski championships in Garmisch.
Established in 1888 as a machine shop, the company from Sterzing in Südtirol is now one of the world's leading manufacturers of ropeways under the trade name Leitner Ropeways. Over the last few decades the group has also expanded successfully into the market for snow groomers.
Thanks to its advanced technologies combined with forward-looking design, Prinoth plays a leading role on the world market and offers the world’s most complete range of snow groomers. In February 2009, Prinoth enlarged its field of activities by acquiring the Camoplast Track Machine Group of the Canadian Camoplast Inc. The tracked utility vehicles are developed and produced for the following applications: Transport, Tool Carrier, Public Works and Vegetation Management.
Under the Leitwind brand name the Leitner Group also produces wind turbines.
The fourth business division is called MiniMetro and takes the concept of automatic people mover systems from the mountains to the metropolises.
The company group Leitner achieved an annual turnover of approximately 700 million euro in 2010 and employs globally over 2,700 staff members.

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