Thursday, January 20, 2011

Courmayeur to host First Freeride World Tour Event

The Nissan Freeride de Chamonix Mont-Blanc 2011 by Swatch confirms the event will happen at Courmayeur on the Italian side of Mont Blanc. Despite difficult snow conditions, the mountains surrounding Chamonix-Mont-Blanc provide such an amazing amount of diverse terrain that FWT competitor representatives, judges and mountain guides have found, and agreed to move to, a new location that meets the high standards for which the FWT has become known.
Despite low-tide snow conditions throughout the Alps, the high elevation of the Mont Blanc range has enabled a good snowpack without the deterioration found at lower levels.
The event will be held at Courmayeur on the Italian side of Mont Blanc. The 300-meter north face tops out at 2800 meters and features multiple entries and loads of great features which the riders will use to express their full range of skills.
"A big part of the success of the Freeride World Tour is the criteria that each competition face must meet. Not every event will be a powder fest but we can say that we work very hard to make sure each venue is suitable for an elite competition and is safe for the riders", said Nicolas Hale-Woods, FWT Founder and Director.
It’s important to note the event will not happen on Saturday, 22 January. The start date and time will be confirmed at 12:00 on Friday.

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