Saturday, December 11, 2010


Today I´ll say goodbye to Sölden, the Alpine Ski World Cup venue and one of Europe's most renowned Ski & Snowboard Resorts. Sölden offers the marvelous BIG 3, Austria's only ski area with 3 mountains higher than 3,000 meters (Gaislachkogl, 3.058 m; Tiefenbachkogl, 3.309 m and Schwarze Schneid, 3.370 m) and two glaciers: the Rettenbach Glacier and Tiefenbach Glacier. 148 km of slopes and 34 ski lifts and gondolas, including the new Gaislachkogl mountain gondola, with a total capacity of 70,000 persons/hour guarantee ultimate skiing fun without queuing.
Here you can enjoy endless slopes like the downhill ski trail from the BIG3 viewing platform at Schwarze Schneide (3,340 m) to Gaislachkogl base terminal (1,370 m) and about 15 km to test yourself. Don't forget to try BIG3 Rallye, a route for fit skiers, covering a distance of around 50 km where you can experience one of Europe's most breathtaking 360° panorama views.
Definitely the perfect place to kick off the winter season :-).

PS: I'll be back in April 15th to enjoy the Hannibal Festival and continue working about the case of study (I selected Hannibal as an example to show how ski resorts are using events as a marketing and branding tool). The Rettenbach Glacier will host again this truly avant-garde theater play which deals with the crossing of the Alps by the Carthaginian army in a futurist setting. Instead of elephants the spectators will see snow-grooming machines, the modernized warriors are represented by skiers, climbers and skydivers. Brave horsemen ride on their skidoos across the glacier fields while acrobatic skydivers try to stop them heading towards the south. The entire show is completed by an array of light effects, music, videos and pyrotechnical shows.

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