Friday, December 17, 2010

Ice Climbing World Cup Returns to Saas-Fee

From 14 to 22 January 2011 the ice climbing elite will once again be meeting in the glacier village of Saas-Fee, and for the second time, the Ice Climbing World Cup will be accompanied by an exciting events programme. As well as the World Cup, visitors can look forward to the SAC Swiss Ice Climbing Youth Championships in Saas-Grund and the Ice Night ski-touring race (Swiss Cup) in Saas-Fee. Top ice climber Simon Anthamatten will kick off the event week with an opening talk in Visp. Those who fancy swinging an ice axe and taking on the ice wall themselves can register for the ice climbing workshop. Run by Bächli Bergsport, the workshop will be taught by two experienced mountain guides.
Like last year, the 2011 programme promises lots of excitement, variety and, above all, plenty of action for ice climbing fans of all ages. And of course the week wouldn’t be complete without the now-legendary Friday- and Saturday night parties, which will be held on 21 and 22 January in Saas-Fee’s multistorey car park. They are sure to have competitors, fans and organisers partying until the early hours. Ice Climbing World Cup & Swiss Masters The Ice Climbing World Championships in Saas-Fee’s multi-storey car park are a fantastic opportunity to get up close and personal with top class athletes and experience the exuberant atmosphere of the ice climbing scene! The competitions take place in a unique location that is very unlikely to be
replicated elsewhere. The 10-storey car park in Saas-Fee can also be used as a venue for staging the competitions in bad weather. Its round tower acts as a spectacular grandstand for spectators. Each year the spiral access ramp allows some 2,500 spectators to get up close to the climbers – so close you can see almost every detail of their ice axes. And to make sure no one misses a single second of the sensational action on the ice wall, the competitors are also
shown on various large and small screens throughout the venue. New additions to the accompanying programme this year are the Bächli Bergsport test centre, the Coffee Bar, a wine bar and music from DJ Alpenprinz.

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