Sunday, November 7, 2010

Invincibles a Laurent Jamet Film

Invincibles is a documentary based on how skiing helps people to get back on tracks when life gets rough.
There is a minority of people out there who considers skiing way more than just a passion. Skiing can give them the courage to keep going, to recover, to look forward to a new day when things started to get tough. It is all about this common passion for skiing that makes them love so much their life…
Starring Thibaud Duchosal, Hervé Gouy, Aurélien Ducroz, Thiabult Jurie Des Camiers, Elyse Saugstad, Jérôme Baud, Vivien thiery, Jules Bonnaires, Anatole Camelin, Julien Eustache, Nathan Gaidet, Oriane Bérard and Jean Laurent Ratchel.

Produced by Garchois Films, MOG production

Making Off. Invincibles (Les Arcs, Paradiski)

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