Sunday, October 31, 2010

Warren Miller's Wintervention Film

Warren Miller Films attract a cult-like following and mark the official start of the winter season year in year out. Narrated by Olympic gold medalist and skiing icon Jonny Moseley, Warren Miller’s 61st annual ski film Wintervention is the definitive film for the snow-obsessed. Wintervention takes riders like Chris Davenport, Jonny Moseley and Lindsey Vonn on a global tour of Alaska, Norway, Canada, Antarctica and beyond… delivering a successful Wintervention for all of us in need.
Wintervention begins at one of the last frontiers — Antarctica; spectacular scenery, icebergs, penguins and snowriders leaving ski tracks instead of footprints while skiing some of the last first descents in the world. The photography is terrific: a downhill run over hard-packed glaciers, a line that requires crampons and pick axes to get there; and catch-your-breath and lose-it-again scenes from the ridge that then falls sharply toward the sea.
Stops include Girwood, Alaska, providing the most painful shot: a skier whose jump suddenly ends in a splat against an unforgiving tree; the Columbia Mountains, B.C., where Hans Gmoser had the vision of heli-skiing; Vail and Telluride, Colorado; Austria’s Arlberg Region; and Gudari, Georgia, in the former Soviet Union, with the sketchiest heli-skiing thanks to a Soviet-era helicopter. New Zealand might as well be called Adventure Zealand based on its section, a country filled with what the film called "misguided individuals" and outstanding skiing. The end piece is filmed in Svalbard, Norway, near the top of the world. The ski and survival gear is brought in by snowmobiles, including a rifle in case a polar bear proves unfriendly.
Exploring winter since 1949, Warren Miller Entertainment has inspired audiences to keep their snowriding dreams alive. Sixty-one years ago, an adventurous man with a pair of wooden boards strapped to his feet and an 8mm-movie camera in his hand changed the way people worldwide thought about snow. Even though he has retired, today Warren Miller remains one of the most recognized names in the ski industry. Warren Miller Entertainment (WME) reportedly hosts the largest action sports film tour on the planet. Warren Miller's voiceover is no longer part of the show. There is but one Miller quote, the most famous of his down-home and much-used sayings: "If you don't get out this season, you'll be one more year older when you do".

Official Wintervention Trailer from Warren Miller Entertainment on Vimeo.

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