Wednesday, September 1, 2010

$40,365.79 Ski Movie Contest

Jack Turner, the producer of the soon-to-be-released "Cheap Ski Movie", has launched a ski movie trivia contest with a grand prize of $40,365.79. The first eligible person to correctly answer 100 trivia questions based on "Cheap Ski Movie" and the history of skiing/snowboarding takes home the cash prize.
"Cheap Ski Movie", a parody of the ski film genre, will be released in October. It was filmed at 15 ski areas across the U.S. (Aspen, Deer Valley, Steamboat, Squaw Valley, Durango, Pats Peak, Jay Peak, Brighton, Perfect North Slopes, Mountain Creek, Beaver Creek, Yellowstone Club, Mountain High, Wachusset, Las Vegas), with additional scenes in Las Vegas and Hollywood. More than 30 Olympic and X Games legends appear in oddball cameos and ambush interviews.
"It’s a Wayne’s World version of a Warren Miller movie", Turner says. "Cameo appearances range from current athletes such as Tanner Hall to Jonny Moseley, Glen Plake, and Billy Kidd. There’s even a music video featuring X Games Champion Jen Hudak as the lead singer".
Just how cheeky is the project? Olympic champion Phil Mahre plays a polygamist in the Utah family skiing segment, and there’s a guest appearance by "the filmmaker formerly known as Warren Miller (courtesy of the FBI witness protection program)".
"We’re actively promoting ‘Cheap Ski Movie’ as the worst ski film of all time", Turner adds modestly. "It’s so bad that we’re offering folks $10 per running second to watch it—that’s how we came up with the $40,365.79 prize".
The trivia contest officially starts on Jan.12, 2011, but 50 clues will be released in advance by Powder magazine—five per week starting Sept. 1—at Powder Magazine. Contestants can register in advance and get a head start before all questions are released in January.

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