Sunday, July 18, 2010

Team Gravity Workshop (Russia): Nissan Outdoor Games 2010, Chamonix Mont-Blanc

Team Gravity Workshop. Extreme sports are very popular in Russia and the country produces many top athletes. It was the second time at the Nissan Outdoor Games for this young talented team, who produced a very qualitative film in 2009.
Story Line: An ordinary man is walking around Chamonix-Mont-Blanc witnessing extraordinary sports performances. He is not an athlete, yet the energy inspires him. The scenes he sees could be just a figment of his imagination that comprise a film he edits in his head or a real film.
Team Members: Bike- Pavel Alekhin (RUS), Kayak- Alexey Lukin (RUS), Climbing- Stas Poplavsky (RUS), BASE jump- Andrey Kar Boldyrev (RUS), BASE jump- Lika Borzova (RUS), BASE jump- Jokke Sommer (NOR), Paragliding- Pavel Bulyga (RUS), Paragliding- Dmitry Gusev (RUS), Cameraman- Sergey Firsov (RUS), Cameraman- Konstantin Churakov (RUS), Cameraman- Maxim Badulin (RUS), Cameraman- Alexander Fettsov (RUS), Edit- Roman Gegert (RUS), Photographer- Anatoly Strebelev RUS.

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