Sunday, July 18, 2010

Team Goosebumps (International): Nissan Outdoor Games 2010, Chamonix Mont-Blanc

Team Goosebumps. Very experienced outdoor athletes and eager newcomers to the Nissan Outdoor Games created an interesting mix led by Swedish action sport photographer Patrik Lindqvist, with an entirely Swedish editing crew.
Story Line: A psychiatrist studies a subject prone to adrenaline sports and performs various tests on him. He believes he has discovered a mental illness that combines many symptoms. His research is recorded on a video cassette found in an avalanche in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc. As it turns out, it is simply his own schizophrenia playing tricks.
Team Members: Bike- Thomas Tödtli (SUI), Kayak- Ron Fischer (SUI), Climbing- Judith Spanken (GER), Climbing- Erik Grandelius (SWE), BASE Jump- Rok Brajnik (SLO), BASE Jump- Petra Brajnik (SLO), Paragliding- Timothy Green (UK/USA), Paragliding- Anthony Green (UK/USA), Cinematographer- Erik Henriksson (SWE), Cinematographer- Niklas Nyberg (SWE), Editing- Magnus Örhlund (SWE), Cinematographer-Henrik Hasselbom (SWE), Prod team- Magnus Ericksson (SWE), Editing- Adam Bruzelius (SWE), Post Production- Daniel Lundström (SWE), Electrician- Petter Eneman (SWE), Photographer- Patrik Lindqvist (SWE).

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