Friday, July 2, 2010

Saas-Fee International Alpine Music Festival

From 8 to 11 July 2010, the popular International Alpine Music Festival will take place in Saas-Fee. Yodellers, Alpine horn players and folk music groups from all over Switzerland and Austria, including the successful Münztaler folk band, will be performing. This will be the sixth year that the International Alpine Music Festival has celebrated all things folk. Surrounded by a magnificent mountain panorama featuring thirteen 4,000 metre peaks, the beautiful glacier village of Saas-Fee will provide an authentic backdrop for genuine Alpine landler music and
popular German folk songs, also known as schlager.
This year the emphasis of this festival is on folk music true to the motto: "Folk music for and by folk musicians". The 2010 festival will be a colourful mix of folk, landler and schlager music, yodelling and local folklore. Visitors can also look forward to soaking up the fantastic atmosphere and warm hospitality in the friendly glacier village. During the festival, musicians, singers and musical societies will perform in the village festival hall and various restaurants, and on the streets and the village square. From Thursday to Sunday, the whole village will become a stage, and its awe-inspiring mountain backdrop is sure to provide the musicians, as well as the audience, with plenty of inspiration.

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