Friday, July 16, 2010

Nissan Outdoor Games 2010: Chamonix Mont-Blanc

For the 6th edition of the Nissan Outdoor Games the teams have truly stepped up their game and delivered five breathtaking films of highest quality. Just before the prize giving ceremony the films were shown to an astounded public of several thousands of spectators on a giant screen in the centre of Chamonix-Mont-Blanc. It was a big moment for the Austrian Team Argon when they were given the Golden Peak Trophy for the best film, with an especially captivating film. Last year’s winners, the Finnish Team Golgoht, was awarded the Nissan Best Action Sequence Award for their extraordinary mountain bike sequence and photographer Tristan Shu from the French Team Oseven took the prize for Best Still Photographer for the consistent high quality in his images.
The magic of the big screen allowed the enchanted public to truly experience the thrills of outdoor sports enhanced by powerful music and well thought storyboards. These truly professional five-minute short films were created in a week of frenzy. Bringing together outdoor sports athletes, performing at the top level in their respective fields, with world class filmmakers, requires an important and complex collaboration.
"As every year the best athletes in the world meet up for the Nissan Outdoor Games. They really appreciate the concept of the event therefore we can attract the "crême de la crême" in each sport represented. Once again we witnessed a huge progression in the sports that are all still young and evolving rapidly. The event is a good testing ground for the athletes and a benchmark for what level the sport is at today. The high concentration of top athletes creates a great synergy pushing the sports forward, which is also the case for the audiovisual productions. The film crews have been challenging each other with ingenious solutions including far pushed technologies for extreme outdoor conditions. The onboard cameras are more and more powerful and now each team integrates cinematographic techniques as moving camera shots, cranes, and 3D animations to their films. A very positive result for this 6th edition, living up to all its expectations of high qualitative films and a breathtaking spectacle", said David Carlier (SUI), co-founder and organiser of the Nissan Outdoor Games 2010.

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