Saturday, July 17, 2010

Best Action Sequence Award. Nissan Outdoor Games 2010. Chamonix Mont-Blanc

Last year’s winners, the Finnish Team Golgoht, was awarded the Nissan Best Action Sequence Award at the Nissan Outdoor Games 2010 celebrated in Chamonix Mont-Blanc. A very creative team with an original style (Dudes, I love your Style) both image and sound wise. The members of Golgoht Team have passion for their work. They are part of a growing segment of young creatives turning their passions into careers.
The Nissan Best Action Sequence award was the most difficult decision for the jury, especially with amazing stunts for the aerial disciplines. Finally the prize was awarded to the Finnish Team Golgoht for the images of Finnish biker Juha-Matti Pouta for his massive jump off the ski jump ramp. "The bike segment began with a great transition with the cable camera though the forest. The integration of the natural sounds of the wood cracking and pushing through the brush added even more finesse to the sequence that was beautifully filmed and really well edited. The fact that Juha jumped 25 meters on his bike with a very difficult landing in an original environment makes it an interesting performance sports wise", said Jury member Dino Raffault.

Story Line: The moral of this film is "you get what you deserve": In the beginning of the film, a guy is mugged at the train station, then you witness his day in reverse to see the cause and effect. Sometimes victims are not so innocent.
Team Members: Bike- Juha-Matti Pouta (FIN), Kayak- Matt Cooke (UK), Climbing- Liv Sansoz (FRA), BASE Jump- Jean Noël Itzstein (FRA), Paragliding- Alexandre Aimard (FRA), 3D Artist- Markus Tamminen (FIN), Producer- Jyri Paajamaa (FIN), Film-maker- Jukka "Jugi" Metsäaho (FIN), Camera- Juho Konstig (FIN), Camera- Kim "Kimi" Koponen (FIN), Photographer- Tero Repo (FIN).

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