Friday, July 16, 2010

Austrian Team Argon wins the Golden Peak Award for Best Film

On Thursday afternoon, July 15, the Nissan Outdoor Games films were judged by a seven-member jury -Stefano De Benedetti (ITA), Philippe Lebeau (FRA), Glen Plake (USA), Geraldine Fasnacht (SUI), Dino Raffault (FRA), David Ravanel (FRA), Christophe Margot (SUI)- made up of specialists from the sports and audiovisual worlds. After viewing the films several times with a few heated discussions they finally came together with a decision of which of the films would take home the Golden Peak Trophy for best film, the best action sequence and best set of 10 still photos. A tough decision as the athletic performances and film production was of highest quality for all the five teams. "The effect was really strong when we saw the films for the first time. The overall images were of highest standard, technically the films have truly evolved, and there was a minimum of errors on the artistic point of view. With all the equipment we have today it is not the beautiful images that is the biggest challenge but to link all the scenes together and make a good story in such short time", commented the President of the jury, Stefano De Benedetti, from Italy. De Benedetti has extensive experience in sports as one of the big names of extreme skiing in the eighties as well as a long career as cinema and TV producer.

Team Argon, who also won the winter edition of the Nissan Outdoor Games 2009, were well prepared for this 6th edition, having worked on their storyboard since December. The main character in the film, Johannes Haberl (AUT), is also the team’s composer and singer, who created the impressive music during the week on site here in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc. "This is for sure the hardest production I ever made in my career as a filmmaker. It is so intense with many issues to coordinate, including 3-D animations, composing our own music and getting in all the action shots. It has been a huge challenge", said the elated team manager and producer Seppi Dabringer from Austria.
Story Line: The main character is a supernatural being who has powers upon the earth. He uses these powers for evil causes to try to control forces of nature and their effect on humans. He wants to leave his mark on humanity before leaving this world though in the end humans prevail.
Team Members: Bike-Alix Bruel (FRA) & Emilien Busson (FRA), Kayak/Climbing- Dougal Tavener (UK), BASE jump- Hubert 'Hubsi' Schober (AUT) & Mirko Schmidt (GER), Acro paragliding- Bernd Hornboeck (AUT) & Sebastian Kahn (AUT), Team manager/Producer- Seppi Dabringer (AUT), Director- Bernhard Dengg (AUT), 3D Animation- Andreas Alesik (AUT), Post prod- Martin Leitgeb (AUT), Sound design- Johannes Haberl (AUT), Cameramen- Mario Enzler (AUT), Hennes Sandhofer(AUT), Walter Fanninger (AUT), Maurinao Castellani (AUT), Photographer- Stuart Knowles (UK)

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