Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Nissan Outdoor Games Jury Members To Be Revealed

Some of the world’s top sportsmen in outdoor sports have made the commitment to take part in a unique film and photo competition, putting their outstanding adrenalin charged skills on the big screen at the Nissan Outdoor Games in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France. For the occasion a prominent jury of six experts in their respective fields of outdoor sports and audiovisuals, has been selected. On Thursday 15 July, the jury will present the Golden Peak Award for best film, the Nissan Prove It Award for best action sequence and the Best Still Photographer Award, with a total prize purse of 32, 000 €.
As the athletes and film producers taking part of the event are of highest calibre, an international professional jury has been invited to ensure expert analysis for the film and photo judging. Brought together especially for the occasion the jury has the outright final say in announcing winners of the 6th summer edition of the Nissan Outdoor Games.

The selected jury of the Nissan Outdoor Games 2010 are:
  • President of the jury, Stefano De Benedetti (ITA), is arenowned extreme skier with several first descents in the Mont-Blanc mountain range in the -80’s and -90’s. Knowing this mountain range perfectly, he even has a couloir named after him on the west face of the Mont-Blanc! De Benedetti is also used to filming in tough outdoor conditions, starring in movies like Steep – afeature documentary on big mountain skiing.
  • Philippe Lebeau (FRA) is the initiator of the project for the 2018 winter Olympic and Paralympic Games in Annecy (France). He is also the president of "Club 2018", an initiative for small and medium enterprises in the Rhône-Alpes region to back Annecy's bid to host the Olympics. Lebeau is an enthusiastic sportsman with a background as amateur triathlete and will have an interesting viewpoint as jury member. As director of the communication agency Aerocom, he is a specialist in short film production, an interesting asset for the jury.
  • Legendary skier and one of the pioneers of the freeride skiing movement, Glen Plake (USA) is also a charismatic TV presenter with his own TV show in the US. Plake is a part time resident in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, and has started the prestigious mountain guide training at the ENSA in Chamonix. He has been part of the jury in previous editions of the Nissan Outdoor Games.
  • The talented Swiss Geraldine Fasnacht is counted amongst the world’s top BASE-jumpers, wingsuit flyers, and snowboarders, with impressive first descents on snowboard and wingsuit in Antarctica and Baffin Island. She is also a former winner of the prestigious "Xtreme", a freeride contest in Verbier, Switzerland. Fasnacht knows the Nissan Outdoor Games well as she competed as team member in several previous editions. Before the prize-giving and public screening of the contributing films on stage in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc on July 15th, she will present the latest film from her Antarctica expedition.
  • Dino Raffault from France is an extreme sports events organiser for events like the Speed Flying Pro in Les Arcs and the Line Catcher. Extreme sport film producer and journalist, Dino, who is passionate for the outdoors is also a renowned Wescam operator (helicopter onboard camera) who has been a member of the jury in previous editions of the Nissan Outdoor Games.
  • With several generations of mountain guides in the family, David Ravanel (FRA) from Chamonix is not an exception. He splits his time between mountain guide assignments and professional photography, either in the Chamonix-Mont-Blanc region or at a remote expedition. He has been Head of Mountain Rescue in the Chamonix-Mont-Blanc valley and is also a serious BASE-jumper.

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