Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Culture of Speed

Ski Racing Development (SRD), a subsidiary of Racing Development, Inc. and Ski Racing International, LLC, the Journal of Snowsport Competition, have announced a joint venture to produce a new publication for ski enthusiasts entitled "A Culture of Speed". This annual will contain in-depth articles on ski racing, skiing, ski culture and other areas of interest, in addition to retail offerings from many top suppliers.
"A Culture of Speed" will be the only dedicated print publication available to racers and advertisers in the United States for the 2010/11. Ski Racing Magazine has adopted a digital format after a successful transition during the 2009/10 ski season.
"This is a great opportunity for the ski and ski race related industry to reach their core customers in a new and innovative way" commented Barry Levinson of Ski Racing Development. "Unlike in Europe, the opportunities for manufactures, ski academies and other supporting companies to promote their products, athletes and services are very limited, and these factors will help make A Culture of Speed a powerful publication".
"In a country where Bode Miller or Lindsey Vonn can walk down any sidewalk in America with virtual anonymity, we all need to work together to create a stronger ski racing culture” noted Harry W. Rhulen, President and Co-Founder, Racing Development, Inc. “There are hundreds of thousands of dedicated ski enthusiasts looking for information, products and affinity. This publication will be a start to forming that community".
Added Gary Black Jr., CEO, Ski Racing International, LLC. "Ski Racing and SRD have the passion to produce a unique publication A Culture of Speed which will be an exciting coffee table magazine with unusual insight into the world of skiing and the behind-the-scenes culture that underlies it. While we are thrilled with our digital magazine results, and the opportunities to bring the sport to life with video and great photography, we believe that our readership and advertisers will benefit from a printed annual which will be available in their living room throughout the year".