Tuesday, April 13, 2010

VI World Congress on Snow and Mountain Tourism

Ordino hosts the VI World Congress on Snow and Mountain Tourism. For two days, under the title Reinventing snow and mountain tourism to attract new customers, experts from around the world will analyse the present situation and reveal the keys and main opportunities of this tourist segment in the face of market internationalisation and the present economic situation. "One of the challenges affecting snow tourism and the whole of the tourist sector is the turbulence of the world economy over what will soon be the past two years. In order to confront the situation and put the necessary instruments into place, the WTO has reactivated its tourism relaunching committee, whose recommendations, which
will be discussed at the Congress, may be useful
", said Taleb Rifai, Secretary General of the World Tourism Organisation.
Snow and mountain destinations generally offer the same things and need to be different in a global world. Filling this strategic vacuum by developing a unique experience to be distinguished from other destinations and to relate it to scenic, cultural and modern interests is key to internationalising the destination and the appeal of new markets. Today we will close the first day of the event with the talk and discussion on the need to recover the "fascination for the mountains". The interest in having new experiences in nature has increased the number of people practising adventure sports in the natural surroundings. On the one hand, these allow the fascination for the mountains to be recovered and unique experiences to be created based on the scenery and culture of the territory. On the other, these require training and information, the creation of rules, of certified services and trained personnel to guarantee safety.
Since 1998 this event has been carried out by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and the Andorran Government with the collaboration of the seven Andorran parishes. This congress aims to be a plataform for the exchange of knowledge, information and professional points of view which in turn promotes the analysis of the current situation and thoughts about future prospects.

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