Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pushing the Limits at Nissan Tram Face

The third stage of the Freeride World Tour was held on Monday on the Silverado venue in Squaw Valley USA. With its playful terrain the riders put up a great show for the hundreds of cheering locals, pushing the limits with a ‘best of two runs’ format. "The majority of the athletes were really happy with the two-run format. It was a great opportunity for the sport to allow faster progression as the riders would attempt more tricks and push their limits more than if they only would have had one chance. And the good news is that no one would do anything dangerous above his or her abilities. We saw some amazing riding today", said Founder and Event organizer Nicolas Hale-Woods.
The high point of the day was the women stepping up the game with a great level of riding, taking the same big cliff jumps as the men and creative line choices. Local Squaw Valley skier and Freeride World Tour wild card Jaclyn Paaso was without a doubt the biggest crowd pleaser. She took a massive cliff jump at the bottom of the face, faster and higher than most of the men, challenging them for the second heat. "I just wanted to go bigger than the boys. It felt good because I didn’t have a wild card until the last minute. I really wanted to prove myself", said Jaclyn.
Henrik Windstedt (Ski Men), Xavier de Le Rue (Snowboard Men) and Shannan Yate (Snowboard Women) complete the list of winners at Squaw Valley.
The next and final stage of the Freeride World Tour will be held in Verbier on March 20. 15 years of passion for freeriding, 15 years of great sports performances at its highest level will be celebrated at the "grande finale" of the Freeride World Tour 2010: the Nissan Xtreme by Swatch. For the occasion the 15 former winners of the event have been invited by the organisers. The elite of freeride will once again tackle the mythical North Face of the Bec des Rosses.