Friday, March 12, 2010

Nissan Xtreme by Swatch (Verbier, Switzerland)

The final stage of the Freeride World Tour (FWT), the mythical Nissan Xtreme by Swatch will take place in Verbier, March 20. Considered to be the most prestigious Freeride competition in the world, the "Xtreme" is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year -15 years of passionate freeriding and great sports performances on the mythical Bec de Rosses.
All the former winners of the event have been invited by the organisers to be present in Verbier to mark this special occasion.
After the first three Freeride World Tour stops in Russia, France and USA, only the top eight men ski, six men snowboard, three women ski and two women snowboard are invited to the finals in Verbier They will be joined by a few selected “wild cards”, as well as the winners from the Freeride World Qualifier, Nendaz Freeride.
Fresh from her success at the Olympics in Vancouver, Julia Mancuso (USA), Olympic Silver medallist in the women's downhill competition and super combined, has confirmed her participation in the Nissan Xtreme Verbier by Swatch. She is without doubt one of the exciting wild cards for this year’s competition. "Competing in the Verbier Xtreme is something that I've been wanting to do since I came to Verbier to participate in another event a couple of years ago. The Bec des Rosses is challenging. Last year when I was visiting in Verbier I knew it was something I wanted to conquer. Just standing at the top and looking down is exhilarating. I've never done a freeride competition but when I saw that the Xtreme was scheduled after our World Cup tour ended, I thought why not! It’s another way I can challenge my own skiing and free skiing has always been a passion of mine. Growing up in Squaw, I have had so many inspirational skiers to look up to. Of course JT Holmes and Cody Townsend have helped me push my limits, and I am really in awe of everyone out there living their passion and skiing for the love of the sport".