Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Jaclyn Paaso winning line at Nissan Tram Face

Local skier Jaclyn Paaso was the winner at Nissan Tram Face (Squaw Valley, USA) the thrid stage of the Freeride World Tour. The event took place on the Silverado venue. With its playful terrain the riders put up a great show for the hundreds of cheering locals, pushing the limits with a ‘best of two runs’ format.
"Jackie went bigger than any of the girls! Skiing a fluid line landing a first jump before taking the 45 footer (15 metre cliff) at full speed, and managing to land on her feet", said Head Judge Ski Eric Seymour.
Freeride World Tour wild card Jaclyn Paaso was without a doubt the biggest crowd pleaser. She took a massive cliff jump at the bottom of the face, faster and higher than most of the men, challenging them for the second heat. "I just wanted to go bigger than the boys. It felt good because I didn’t have a wild card until the last minute. I really wanted to prove myself", said Jackie.
Jaclyn Paaso have scored enough points to climb to the top of the overall Freeride World Tour Ranking 2010, before the final stage Nissan Xtreme by Swatch in Verbier, March 20.