Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Henrik Windstedt winning line at Nissan Tram Face

Henrik Windstedt was the winner at Nissan Tram Face (Squaw Valley, USA) the thrid stage of the Freeride World Tour. The event took place on the Silverado venue. With its playful terrain the riders put up a great show for the hundreds of cheering locals, pushing the limits with a ‘best of two runs’ format.
"Henrik showed the most progressive run of the day, throwing a giant backflip off the start straight into a big 360° (full rotation). He skied very fast and smooth all the way to his final air – a 45 footer (15 metres), which he landed perfectly. He managed to mix both new school freestyle and big mountain skiing", said Head Judge Ski Eric Seymour.
"The format ‘best of two runs’ was really great and very interesting. The riders where pushing the limits even further with two chances on the same face. Silverado is a great competition venue, not too dangerous, so we dare to go for it! I was really excited at the start and wanted to go as big as I could. I am really happy I stomped my backflip and 360 as well as the big cliff jump at the bottom", said Winner Ski Men Henrik Windstedt.
Henrik Windstedt have scored enough points to climb to the top of the overall Freeride World Tour Ranking 2010, before the final stage Nissan Xtreme by Swatch in Verbier, March 20.