Sunday, January 31, 2010

International Tourism Symposium (Chamonix)

The 12th International Tourism Symposium (ITS) starts tomorrow in the Centre de Congrès Le Majestic of Chamonix. For the first time the Symposium leaves Zermatt, its traditional location. In the next years the Internatonal meeting will alternate between Chamonix and Zermatt. Experts and Companies from all over the world will be reunited around the Theme: Economic Attractiveness of Mountain Regions: Tourism, the Future?. The objective of ITS 2010 is to challenge the recession, which should be considered as an opportunity for the Tourism industry, not only to solve its structural problems but also to reconsider its strategies in a more global context. Traditional ideas will be questioned, especially those referring to the importance and role that the Tourism industry has to play in the economic development of Mountain regions. All these questions are strategically vital for the future of Mountain regions and these are the issues that will be addressed by key decision makers in Chamonix.
Founded in 1998, the International Tourism Symposium is a non profit organisation. Initially dedicated to the Alpine region, the Symposium has expanded its influence from the Alpine Arc to all Europe, North America and Asia. The unique character of the Symposium is its business orientation which has resulted in becoming the event of reference for the leaders of the Tourism Industry on an international level.