Sunday, October 25, 2009

LG Snowboard FIS World Cup & FIS European Cup in Saas-Fee

A total of 26 nations have registered for the races in Sass-Fee, 23 of them for the European Cup and 25 for the World Cup. Around 170 riders have now registered for the European Cup and more than 130 for the World Cup. Amongst the registered riders are such leading names as Sergio Berger and Iouri Podladtchikov from Switzerland, Janne Korpi (2008 winner in Saas-Fee) and Antti Autti from Finland, Mathieu Crepel (FRA), Torah Bright (AUS) and Kazuhiro Kokubo (JAP). Korath Wright who is the sole representative of Team Bahamas has also registered for the event once again and they are all looking to score points for the Olympic Games in Vancouver 2010.
Since the competitions in Saas-Fee are amongst the few that will be taking place before the Games the goal of the athletes from 27 October in the Freestyle Park Allalin will be to "put their foot down" and give the perfect performance. By contrast, preparations have almost been completed for the perfect pipe. For weeks now the Park Team in the Freestyle Park Allalin (3‘300 metres above sea level) has been working ‘flat out’ in order to provide the teams with a super competition area once again in 2009. In parallel with the competition pipe the training pipe is once again available for use by and open to everyone prior to and during the racing. This form of double pipe which Saas-Fee has now been making available to the athletes during the World Cup and the European Cup for the third year in a row remains a highlight in the World Cup circus: no waiting times between the rides, so the riders can also practice a few tricks
during the competitions and the crowd and fans will have the opportunity to hurtle through the pipe side by side with their stars.
For the first time this year Roxy/Quiksilver will be providing a varied party programme during both competitions! There will be movie nights, DJ rotations (with Fredy K), poker nights and fashion shows. Six action-packed party nights will be held in the Livingroom or in the Popcorn bar altogether. And there will certainly be a chance to meet one or the other top rider here as well.