Saturday, September 19, 2009

Gore-Tex Transalpine-Run was resoundingly successful

Last Saturday, the 5th Gore-Tex Transalpine-Run wrapped up with as many participants having completed the whole distance of the race as never before. A total of 195 teams out of 250 who lined up at the start in Oberstdorf, Germany, mastered the 238.09 kilometres and about 15,422 metres of elevation gain. In addition, 35 individual finishers, whose partners were forced to withdraw, also made it to Latsch, Italy.
Thus, 425 Transalpine-Runners were allowed to put on their deserved finisher jerseys (picture attached) . Only 15 percent weren’t able to master the adventure of the 2009 Gore-Tex Transalpine-Run.
This year’s fastest racers represented the colours of Great Britain. And as if the victory wasn’t enough, Andrew Symonds and Tom Owens of "Saab Salomon Outdoor" also beat the previous record time as they spent 24:02:47.2 hours on the trails of the Western course through its eight
stages, only missing to stay within a day by the skin of one’s teeth. In contrary, "Team Schwarzwaldmädels" around Monika Jobst and Heidi Stöhr was three times longer under way being the last one to arrive with the time of 72:54:09.5 hours. At the uphill sprint race which only takes place on the Western course in Scoul, Switzerland, it was time for another mind-blogging time. Northern Italy’s Michael Fischer of "Telmekom Team Südtirol" conquered the peak of Motta Naluns and therefore 6.19 kilometres as well as 639 metres of elevation gain in the time of 39:55.9 minutes.
"Saab Salomon Outdoor" didn’t just provide the fastest Men’s team but also the victorious Mixed duo with Angela Mudge (GBR) and Ben Bardsley (GBR) stepping on the top podium spot (27:26:24.4). On the ladies’ side, Irene Senfter (ITA) cinched her third title after 2005 and 2006 (32:10:21.6) – this time with her new running partner of "Team Latsch" Petra Theiner (ITA). In the category of teams with an added age of 80+ years, the title was claimed by defending champion Dr. Thomas Miksch (GER) and his new team mate of "BLT Laufsport Saukel Haglöfs" Anton Philipp (GER) in the time of 26:45:58.5 hours.