Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Congress of the International Commission for Alpine Rescue

The Annual Congress of the International Commission for Alpine Rescue (IKAR/CISA) is taking place in Zermatt from the 22nd to the 27th September. Around 300 participants from 31 different countries are expected to attend this event, with the goal of providing an intensive exchange of information about the various aspects of mountain rescue and about recent innovations. The congress demonstrates the high quality and the extraordinary conditions of mountain rescue to an international public. In addition, the congress also offers an exhibition of the latest technical devices from 20 exhibitors, which will take place in the Mont Cervin Palace. The most important representatives of international mountain rescue will be present, together with their partner organisations.
Zermatt has a long tradition in alpine rescue due to its alpinist history and its outstanding position as a world spa location surrounded by twenty-nine 4,000-metre mountains, and has played a pioneering role since the founding of Air Zermatt in 1968.
The IKAR was founded in 1948, with 11 member organisations from five Alpine countries. The first meeting took place in the "Wilden Kaiser" in Austria, and was organised by the Austrian Alpine Club. Today, the IKAR now has 60 member organisations from 31 countries. In today’s world, the IKAR not only ensures an exchange of experiences between mountain rescuers, but also pays very close attention to the currently increasing limitations that arise as a result of national and international standards. As a representation of interests, it is committed to ensure that no new directives and laws will be laid down without the participation of the IKAR.