Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ortovox and the Association of German Mountain team up

Ortovox GmbH, the Munich-based parent company of Ortovox USA, has announced a new partnership with the Association of German Mountain and Ski Guides (VDBS). For the next three years Ortovox will be equiping the federal coaching team with safety equipment.
The VDBS, founded in 1968, is the professional association for approximately 500 certified mountain and ski guides and is member of the IVBV, (International Federation of Mountain Guides Associations) to which all major organisations belong.
Last season, the Austrian Federation of Mountain and Ski Guides (VÖBS) already joined Ortovox, so that the VDBS now represents a second important professional partner. For Ortovox this cooperation signifies an important quality certificate. Especially when it comes to choosing the most important safety equipment, such as avalanche transceiver, probes and shovel, professionals do not accept compromise – every second counts. This awareness amongst professional organisations has lead to choosing Ortovox. As of season 09/10 Ortovox will equip all members of the federal coaching team with the S1 avalanche transeiver (picture attached), the avalanche shovel Professional Alu II and the lightweight probe 240 Carbon pfa. Germany’s and Austria’s most important and best mountain guides will thus work with the best equipment the present market has to offer.
With this cooperation Ortovox is expecting to make important steps in product development as well as product testing. Regular meetings will give the oportunity to exchange ideas and to collect feedback from mountain guides. This exchange of knowledge and ideas will create a competitive edge so as to be able to continue to offer the most reliable and most innovative products on the market.
In addition to the two German speaking mountain guide associations VDBS and VOBS, Ortovox is also pleased to work with many other very significant professional partners, such as the DAV Summit Club, Hauser Exkursionen, the Bergschule Oberallgäu, the Oase Alpin and the Bergschule Chiemgau, to only mention a few.