Monday, August 31, 2009

New Zealand Winter Games Big Air

Some of the world’s top freeskiers and snowboarders took part in the ultimate battle at the Queenstown Resort College Big Air today on the final day of the 100% Pure New Zealand Winter Games at Coronet Peak. Despite high winds and rain, the crowds packed out the Coronet Peak deck to watch local freeskier names such as Jossi Wells and Beau-James Wells dominate the monster 85ft kicker, but it was 18-year-old Bobby Brown from the USA who struck gold with a double-cork 1080 mute. Second place went to Sweden’s Kim Boberg and in third place was local Byron Wells. Crowds also went wild for 13-year-old Beau-James Wells and older brother Jossi Wells from Wanaka, with spectators filling out the restaurant and deck to catch the action.
The snowboarding contest was cancelled after the qualifiers, so the judges used the qualifying scores as results. New Zealander Stef Zeestraten pulled off a well-executed backside 7 and his second hit was huge with a switchback 9, but unfortunately he wiped out. However his first run was enough to put him at the top of the field. Close behind, Jan Necas (CZE) rode into second place with a frontside inverted 5 while Queenstown’s Nick Hyne stomped a frontside 7 earning him the final place on the podium.
The women’s competitions in both freeski and snowboarding were unable to run due to weather.