Sunday, August 16, 2009

Jury’s Special Award. Nissan Outdoor Games. Interlaken 2009

The Jury’s Special Award of the Nissan Outdoor Games was given to the Swiss Team, Natural Born Flyers, for their cinematography and originality. The jury wanted to encourage a young, talented team that brought a fresh approach and evoked new emotions. The Jury's Special Award of the Nissan Outdoor Games is awarded with a prize of USD 10,000.
The Swiss also won the Best Sports Sequence, with a prize of USD 1,000, for the climbing scene performed by Cyril Albasini in Natural Born Flyers.

The Team:

Story Line: The storyline of this film is how motion is the common denominator of extreme sports. The agility of a juggler sets the rhythm for the athletic achievements. The film uses intense moments of serenity to explain what each athlete feels.