Saturday, August 15, 2009

"GoldenPeak" Award. Nissan Outdoor Games. Interlaken 2009

The Finnish team, GOLGOHT, won the GoldenPeak, the award that given to the best film of the Nissan Outdoor Games 2009 edition.
The task was quite difficult for the jury when they were obliged to award the films as the quality of the film production and athletic performances were quite impressive. At the conclusion of the heated deliberations by the 8 members of the jury, the Finnish team GOLGOHT held high the massive ‘GoldenPeak’ trophy. The best film of the Nissan Outdoor Games is also awarded a prize of $15,000 US. Extremely well prepared, the Finnish team stood out for their creativity on all levels whether is be in the scenario, editing, sound design and action. The transitions between scenes were particularly hailed by the jury, as was the editing.

The Team:

Story Line: After a night of partying, a man has strange dreams. Through his hallucinations, he experiences the feats of high level athletes in kayak, BASE jump, paragliding, mountain biking and climbing mixed with rants of a mysterious homeless man.