Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Saas Fee Ride 2009

Next Saturday July 18th will see the 7th edition of the Saas-Fee Ride. The competition will be held in the stunning glacial terrain park of Saas Fee, the famous car-free glacier village at the foot of the Mischabel chain. The event took place for the first time in 2003 when Warren Smith, the event Director, established it to breach the gap between the winter seasons.
Athletes will gather in Saas Fee on the 18th July 2009 to compete in a world class Big Air competition and an expression session Rail Jam.
Big Air might well be considered the most spectacular discipline in new school freestyle. Competitors jump off an enormous kicker (jump) and demonstrate their wildest tricks in the air: horizontal and vertical twists are not a rare sight. The best competitors achieve jumps of up to 25 metres.
This year edition also introduces a Rail Jam into the competition. Rails is one of the fastest growing aspects of skiing today and the Saas-Fee snowpark will be hosting one of the highest levels of performance.
The Saas Fee Ride is going to be a unique summer freeski event with the Saas Fee terrain park at 3300 meters providing the venue. The Saas-Fee park is renowned for its perfectly shaped kickers, world cup half pipe and innovative rails. The park team will work throughout the months of May and June to ensure a world class standard for the summer event.
The media will be there in force too. A 24 minute TV program of the event is being filmed and distributed world-wide by Quattro Media. A news feed from Ride Freesport will ensure the best runs and hits of the event are broadcast in High Definition, 720x576, Web Resolution, Podcast and 3GP formats for true global TV viewing. With photographers, such as Yves Garneau covering the event, the Saas Fee Ride 09 will act as a European showcase for summer Freeskiing.