Thursday, July 16, 2009

Saas Fee Ride 2009 Postponed due to Bad Weather

This year's Saas-Fee Ride 09 event has unfortunately been postponed until next summer due to unusual weather patterns over the past few days. Extremely high temperatures and the forecasted heavy rain for most of Friday and Saturday morning has made it impossible to shape the kicker for the Big Air contest to the standard needed for the event.
Ride Freesport and Saas-Fee Bergbahnen took the decision to postpone the event until next summer so as to maintain a level of safety for the athletes and also to not compromise the athletes professional skiing standard. It is important that freestyle skiing is portrayed in a professional manner and running the event with the athletes not being able to output their full level and style due to conditions does not do the sport justice.
If you were planning on being in Saas Fee for this event you should expect to ski powder snow due to the heavy rainfall and the temperatures dropping in Saas-Fee on Friday and Saturday. Ironically, the snow conditions on Saturday afternoon and Sunday should be the best of the summer so far with good fresh snow. Unfortunately there will not be enough time to shape the kicker for the Big Air with the new snow for the competition.