Sunday, July 12, 2009

Red Bull X-Alps Route

Red Bull X-Alps is an adventure and paragliding competition for 30 selected international athletes. The challenge is to cross the Alps from East to West and finish in Monaco as quickly as possible traveling only by paragliders or by foot. Teams will start in Salzburg in eastern Austria and travel past turnpoints defined by the race organisers. The athlete reaching goal in Monaco first is the winner of the race.
Each team can choose their own route but must pass the official turning points:

  • The summit of Gaisburg Peak (Austria).
  • The Watzmann Middle Peak (Germany).
  • The Grossglockner (Austria).
  • The summit of Marmolada (Italy).
  • The Matterhorn Peak (Switzerland).
  • The summit of Mont Blanc (France).
  • The summit of Mont Gros (Monaco).
  • The coordinates of the finish in Monaco will be declared before the first athlete reaches Mont Gros.

Every athlete will carry a GPS-Tracking-Device, which the organisers will put at their disposal for the duration of the race. In addition is advised to carry a GPS Logger. Athletes are not permitted to use any tunnel connection between different Valleys and no highway or motorway tunnels. Restricted and forbidden air control zones and airspaces may not be crossed while flying. Any athlete entering restricted airspace will be immediately disqualified. The route flown will be tracked by the GPS logger. The exact notification of the restricted air spaces will take place at the briefing before the race start and will be pre-entered into the GPS Tracking Device provided by the Race Organisation.